Good Friday Blessings with Flowers

Cross Cymbidium and Bamboo

Today is Good Friday, a day of religious importance for those of the Christian faith. Good Friday marks the anniversary of the day when Christ was crucified. Followers lament the day and the Passion of Christ by taking part in religious activities, including fasting, praying and attending church services.

Good Friday Flowers: Their Role
Although the holiday is rather austere, flowers still play an important part in Good Friday rituals.

Orthodox: Some services of specific Christian faiths around the world include a coffin, in which the figure or image of Christ is placed. The coffin is decorated with Good Friday flowers. This decorated coffin may be featured in a procession through neighbourhood streets.

Catholic: Churches may have their altars decorated with flowers. Sympathy flowers may also be placed before the veiled figure of Our Lady of Sorrows, to represent the pain she felt.
Floral Cross

Guatemala: More cultural than religious, Guatemalans in Antigua celebrate Good Friday by creating massive carpets in the streets and churches of the city made from flowers, as well as sawdust and fruit. These colourful arrangements feature flowers native to the region, such as carnations and mums.

However, it is true that some churches do not allow any fresh cut flowers within their walls on this day, believing that they are not appropriate. Instead, dried flowers are used until Easter Sunday, when fresh flowers are welcome.

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