Sending the Best Flowers for Mormon Funerals

Sending flowers to a religious funeral can be tricky. We all want to ensure that our sentiments are properly received and adding religion and culture to the mix can make it difficult to know that you’re doing so in accordance with the recipient’s traditions.

That’s why we want to help by providing some tips for how to send funeral flowers to a Mormon event.

Mormon Funeral Flowers

There are some things to keep in mind when sending flowers to a Mormon (also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) funeral service. Like other Christians, Mormons believe in life after death and the idea that the passing away of someone represents only one step along the journey of eternal life. This makes funerals a mixed affair where sadness is combined with hope and natural grief is often overcome with positive thoughts

Mormons often holds wakes or viewings at mortuaries, usually in the days before the funeral itself. Your flowers should be sent to the mortuary in almost all cases so that they can be properly handled by those that are taking care of the deceased and the arrangements surrounding the funeral. By doing so, you’re able to lend your support in the funeral service decorations or have your sympathy flowers on hand for use at the wake or viewing. Mormon Relief Society presidents are often heavily involved with planning and can be consulted as well.

The funeral itself is traditionally held by Mormons at the Sunday meetinghouse. Before guests arrive, the deceased is brought to the meetinghouse for a family prayer meeting and then is taken to the chapel for the funeral service proper. Flowers should be sent to the meetinghouse if they are intended for use at the service. Morticians can also be instructed to bring flowers to the family prayer room in order to provide a comforting presence during the most personal aspect of the ceremonies.

There are no specific flowers that are best for a Mormon funeral so stick to uplifting and vibrant colour pallettes and blooms that represent hopeful sentiments.

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