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To arrange and deliver your order at the time/day requested, the arrangement you ordered may require substitutions. We know that what you see is what you'd like to have delivered, so any substitutions made are equal or more in value and will be as similar to the requested arrangement as possible.
Substitutions will be made, if necessary, for assorted flower arrangements and potted plants to provide the same colours as shown. This means that the type of flower or plant may change to something equal or greater in value. We will strive to maintain consistency in flower arrangements and potted plants of a single type, however the colour may be changed. Containers may also be substituted.
Substitutions may also be made in the contents or containers of gourmet baskets, fruit trays, and other specialty gifts. Again, any replacements will be of equal or greater value and be similar.


Item: Z301-25

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This hardy plant produces warm hearts with colorful flowers bursting from a compact group of waxy leaves. One pink kalanchoe arrives in a decorative ceramic jardiniere. Approximately 13" W x 12" H
Temp: Average room temperature- minimum 10°C in the winter.
Light: East or west facing windowsill from spring to the fall, and south facing windowsill in the winter.
Water: Let surface dry between watering.

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