The Significance and Meanings of White Roses White Roses are the epitome of purity and innocence. This thread of meaning stretches across ages and cultures, although there are minor variations depending on the intent of the giver and the circumstances under which these flowers are presented. The delicate white rose is not only a symbol of purity, but also of secrecy and silence. It can also symbolize security; in a typical American wedding, these flowers are used to signify this aspect of the institution of marriage. It also denoted happiness under the same auspices. Beliefs across the World Across the pond in Scotland, a white rose in bloom seen during autumn means an early marriage for the beholder. A short distance away, in Wales, a more somber use of the white rose is in practice – mourners place these flowers on the grave of a child to represent innocence and silence. In Asia too, the white rose represents the ultimate absence – death. It is perhaps the complete absence of color in the white petals of this flower that gave rise to this aspect of its significance. Vietnamese locals often wear this color on Mother’s Day if their mothers have passed on.

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