Office Fruit Baskets

Our fruit baskets are made with fresh fruit, personally selected on the date of delivery to ensure the highest quality is received. Our large variety of healthy fruits include pineapples, mangoes, apples, bananas and oranges just to name a few. We may also combine our fruit baskets with high quality cheese, chocolates, cookies, crackers, and other luxurious high end snacks. Our fruit baskets are a great way to send a gift when you're not sure what your recipient would like. If you're sending it as a congratulations to a friend, a thank you to your family or for any other occasion 416-Florist makes sure only the finest and high quality items are placed into our beautiful gift baskets. We offer same day delivery with all of our delicious fruit baskets. 

Fresh Fruit & Cheese Box


$49.99 - $79.99 3%
$47.99 - $77.99

Bountiful Fruits


$69.99 - $119.99 29%
$49.99 - $84.99



$84.99 - $135.99 24%
$64.99 - $104.99

Flowering Fruit Basket


$119.99 - $154.99 38%
$74.99 - $94.99
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